Astrophotography Masterclass Port Willunga

$150.00 AU

**This masterclass in beginner-friendly **

“Shoot for the stars and join the journey to capture the brilliance of the milky way with your very own camera.”

Astrophotography is the art of photographing the brilliance of the night sky.

After the sunsets and your eyes adjust to the darkness, you start to see the beauty of millions of stars and you look in wonder at the Milky Way spanning across the night sky. What if you could capture the Milky Way with your camera?

Well, the great news is you can, and although astrophotography poses a unique set of challenges. With the right guidance, astrophotography doesn’t have to be difficult. 
Our Astrophotography Masterclass busts the technical jargon and gives you the tools you need to capture incredible images of the night sky including the Milky Way.  
Come and enjoy a night capturing the stars!


  • Beginners and enthusiasts are welcome. 
  • Learn how to capture incredible photos of the stars.
  • Most cameras can photograph the Milky Way and galaxies!
  • Hands-on Capture the stars session (weather permitting) 
  • You can also borrow one of my cameras for the night! (subject to availability) 
  • The Masterclass gives you the tools to start taking breath-taking shots of the night sky including the milky way. 

What to bring: camera, tripod, and wide-angle lens (between 10-35mm) 
Please let me know if you don’t have one or more of these just ask and we will do our best to source for you. 🙂

Join your professional photographer and tour guide John Adams and Experience and capture the very best of the night sky.

What to expect on this half day astrophotography masterclass?

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"I attended the Astrophotography Masterclass yesterday in the Adelaide Hills with absolutely zero experience prior of professional photography or any equipment! His knowledge is outstanding, combined with patience, as well as a great sense of humour! John even arranged all equipment for me to use on the night. The practical session completely blew my mind and to be able to leave with so many fantastic snaps of the Milky Way and abundant stars has motivated me to take photography to the next level. I HIGHLY recommend you to sign up for the next date!" 💫 Shameela


"John was a fantastic instructor for my first Astrophotography workshop. Could not be happier with my experience with Adventure Art Photography. I will definitely be signing up for future sessions and experiences! I really enjoyed the low-key and interactive aspects of learning to make the most of my camera settings and the apps that can be used to make planning your own sessions that much better." Kylie

What Gear do I Need?

Camera Gear

There’s an old saying that “the best camera is the camera you have with you!”

Any camera is fine, but you will have the best experience if you bring a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera.

Please also bring a  wide-angle lens (between 10-35mm) and a tripod. 
Please let me know if you don’t have one or more of these just ask and we will do our best to source for you. :

Make sure you have a couple of fully charged batteries and plenty of space on your memory card.

Tripod & Accessories

It is recommended you bring a tripod for this tour however, it’s ok if you don’t have one. A tripod is necessary if you wish to participate in any of the Astro Photography components of the tour.

If you don’t have a tripod please contact us and we will do our best to provide one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience level do I need?

As photographers, we never stop learning. So whether you are a seasoned photographer, an enthusiast or a complete beginner, our small group sizes help cater for any skill level. We want to ensure new ideas and concepts can be tailored to your personal experience level.

Are food and drinks included in the price?

a beverage of choice is included in this masterclass

Any additional food or beverages may be purchased at the participant’s expense.

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