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Adventure Art Photography Reviews

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What People are saying about our Tours….

Anyone can go on a holiday and take pictures but if you are passionate about photography and want an adventure, try booking with "Adventure Art Photography".
For an experience that you will never forget, John opens the door to places that you may never find. He arranges private group access to birds and animals, giving you an opportunity to "capture that special moment"; the shot that pops!
John's enthusiasm is contagious.
There is plenty of time allocated to individual and group learning and teaching and sharing, regardless of your knowledge and skill level.
The accommodation and food are first class.
I have been on 3 tours in 8 month's and can't wait to be on the road again with this team.

Pauline Wachtel

This was my first ever photography course road trip and was a birthday present. John and Katie were such wonderful hosts and really go above and beyond to give each individual beautiful life long memories. Their enthusiasm is contagious and any early nerves were soon replaced by joy and excitement. Meeting new friends and being part of the their life, even for a short time was so rewarding, and I was blessed to be involved in this KI trip. I can highly recommend Adventure Art Photography, and I will be returning very soon for another truly beautiful experience.
A big thank you to John and Katie for providing me with such life long happy memories and thank you for new friends, and I’m super excited about my next adventure with you.
Best trip ever!

Stephen Hart5 Stars

This was my second tour with Adventure Art. Both have been fabulous.
John is committed to ensuring that people learn and have fun. He brings energy and enthusiasm in a way most people can only aspire to.
I’ve learnt so much and after just one tour I’ve fully switched off auto to manual photography. I’m still learning but I’ve come so far in a short time.
Cannot recommend more highly.

Elizabeth Staniford5 Stars

What can I say I and everyone else had a great time lots of laughter and stories. The best part Is never have been to the Flinders Ranges until this trip. I have learnt so much about my camera and photographing landscape. I would recommend if you get the opportunity to go just go. You will walk away with beautiful images and a sense of satisfaction.

Chris Linder5 Stars

I have just returned from an amazing Kangaroo Island adventure with John and Katie. Wow! There were so many fabulous photo opportunities and our hosts ensured we were in the right place at the right time to capture plenty of stunning images. John is a very organised, caring and enthusiastic host, he ensured every person on the trip had a share of his time, attention and extensive photographic expertise. I highly recommend John’s adventures!

Jennifer Hughes5 Stars

Thank you John for a wonderful 5 day experience on Kangaroo Island. I was able to learn, experiment and practice photographic skills. I am thrilled with my improvement that this intense experience enabled. We zoomed around the island catching the best light. John and Craig positively our learning. We went to fabulous locations, had delightful company and were provided with great food and accommodation. I am so glad that I joined this trip.

Meridith Whelan5 Stars

I have just returned from the Flinders Rangers trip and it was a wonderful experience. John’s vision to take photographers on a journey to just get out there to enjoy, discover, and capture iconic places in the region was truly memorable. The trip was well planned and executed and John’s photography expertise was invaluable. I will definitely be taking other trips with John and encourage all photographers from first timers to more advanced to come along as well!

Jools Browne5 Stars

Fantastic tour - KI is a great place especially to photograph.
Tour was like being with family - having our own beach place created camaderie. The group were supportive of one another, respectful, no one up manship, melded well together. It was like being on a year 12 retreat and this is due to size of group, community living and the gentle but definite leadership of John and the enthusiasm of Katie. John’s positivity and encouragement enabled people to master the challenges and to succeed with their photos.
Excellent trip - loved it and the people.
John As you grow your business do not lose that sense of community you enabled us to have on KI.
Take care

Jennifer Langton5 Stars

I've just done "Colours of Autumn - Hahndorf Photography Retreat" photography workshop with John and Adam and learnt how to better use my cameras manual settings, which had frustrated me.
John and Adam were very personable, helpful and encouraging. Their passion and love for what they do was contagious and the small group was friendly and quite happy to share their knowledge.
To be able to photograph the milky way and see the results was fantastic.
The light painting was a revelation to me, a totally new experience.
I would highly recommend Adventure Art Photography to anyone no matter what level of experience.

John Street5 Stars

Come & join us on our next Adventure!!