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I had a great time at the Glenelg Night Photography workshop trying something new with like minded people. The small group was a mix of complete beginners and competent photographers and John's enthusiasm rubbed off on everybody! At such great value I wouldn't hesitate to book another adventure!

Amy Holton

I’ve done an Autumn photography workshop with John which was A LOT of fun!
John is very knowledgable and gave a lot of handy tips and tricks. Groups are small enough so each participant has opportunity to ask questions or get some assisstance. Definitely recommend no matter how much experience you have with cameras, I definitely will be returning!

N_ H

I attended the Hills in Colour Autumn Photo Walk in Stirling on the weekend and I had the best time. I learnt some new photography skills and learnt a few new settings on my camera. My photo's came out really well and it was awesome spending that time getting creative with the camera with some friends and other people I hadn't met before. I have been meaning to get some shots for a few years, glad I got to lock it in this year. I'd be keen to do this again next year! Thanks John

Nicole Jones

I am new to photography so I joined John for his night photography evening at Glenelg. John was very easy going, friendly and more than pleased to help with our varying camera skills and with our camera settings. I learnt more about actually using my camera that night than I did from the user manual, thanks to John and his never ending patients and enthusiasm (which was infectious by the way). We experienced several types of photography including light painting, portraiture, silhouettes and time lapse photography among others, all, in the beautiful location of Glenelg. John fired my imagination and I hope to join him again as soon as I can. I thoroughly recommend joining John to increase your camera skills and to enjoy a fun learning session.

Barry Smith

John was a fantastic instructor for my first Astrophotography workshop. Could not be happier with my experience with Adventure Art Photography. I will definitely be signing up for future sessions and experiences! I really enjoyed the low-key and interactive aspects of learning to make the most of my camera settings and the apps that can be used to make planning your own sessions that much better.

Kylie Howard

I attended John’s Astrophotography Masterclass yesterday in the Adelaide Hills with absolutely zero experience prior of professional photography or any equipment! His knowledge is outstanding, combined with patience, as well as a great sense of humour! John even arranged all equipment for me to use on the night. The practical session completely blew my mind and to be able to leave with so many fantastic snaps of the Milky Way and abundant stars has motivated me to take photography to the next level. I HIGHLY recommend you to sign up for the next date! 💫

Shameela Khambhaita

I attended the Milky Way Workshop and thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. John is more than accommodating to everyone of any photography background from beginner to professional. He is courteous and more than happy to answer any questions along the way to help you get the most out of the workshop and you learn so much in the time provided. To finish it all off, you are able to cement the theory into practice with a practical at the end and he is there to assist and help you fine tune your newly learned skills!

He is very passionate about photography and I would highly recommend any of his workshops, lessons or trips for those who wish to learn more about photography and hopefully ignite a passion in it as well.

This is my first ever milky way shot and I have John to thank for this. I hope to attend more of your workshops in the future.

Bruce Chan (channo_evo)

What People are saying about our Tours….

Anyone can go on a holiday and take pictures but if you are passionate about photography and want an adventure, try booking with "Adventure Art Photography".
For an experience that you will never forget, John opens the door to places that you may never find. He arranges private group access to birds and animals, giving you an opportunity to "capture that special moment"; the shot that pops!
John's enthusiasm is contagious.
There is plenty of time allocated to individual and group learning and teaching and sharing, regardless of your knowledge and skill level.
The accommodation and food are first class.
I have been on 3 tours in 8 month's and can't wait to be on the road again with this team.

Pauline Wachtel

This was my second tour with Adventure Art. Both have been fabulous.
John is committed to ensuring that people learn and have fun. He brings energy and enthusiasm in a way most people can only aspire to.
I’ve learnt so much and after just one tour I’ve fully switched off auto to manual photography. I’m still learning but I’ve come so far in a short time.
Cannot recommend more highly

Elizabeth Staniford

Thank you John for a wonderful 5 day experience on Kangaroo Island. I was able to learn, experiment and practice photographic skills. I am thrilled with my improvement that this intense experience enabled. We zoomed around the island catching the best light. John and Craig positively our learning. We went to fabulous locations, had delightful company and were provided with great food and accommodation. I am so glad that I joined this trip.

Meridith Whelan

I have just returned from the Flinders Rangers trip and it was a wonderful experience. John’s vision to take photographers on a journey to just get out there to enjoy, discover, and capture iconic places in the region was truly memorable. The trip was well planned and executed and John’s photography expertise was invaluable. I will definitely be taking other trips with John and encourage all photographers from first timers to more advanced to come along as well!

Jools Browne

What can I say I and everyone else had a great time lots of laughter and stories. The best part Is never have been to the Flinders Ranges until this trip. I have learnt so much about my camera and photographing landscape. I would recommend if you get the opportunity to go just go. You will walk away with beautiful images and a sense of satisfaction.

Chris Lindner

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